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Dyslexia Screening

Julie has been trained by Susan Barton of the Barton Spelling and Reading Program to administer and interpret comprehensive dyslexia screening assessments.  Dyslexia screening is not a clinical diagnosis, however, it does provide extensive insight on your child’s likelihood of having dyslexia.  Dyslexia screening involves several assessments that measure:


  • Phonological awareness

  • Auditory memory and discrimination

  • Decoding skills

  • Writing skills

  • Handwriting

  • Reading ability

  • Comprehension


Dyslexia is like a puzzle and there are many parts to determining if you or your child may have dyslexia.  Once the assessments have been completed, you will receive a comprehensive written report that outlines the findings of the assessments, provides examples, determines the likelihood of dyslexia and recommendations for instruction and school supports.  

Comprehensive Assessment

Multiple-Skill Evaluation


Guidance & Support

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