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Does My Child Have Dyslexia?

Common Signs of Dyslexia

  • Difficulty and inconsistency reading - even small words (was, of, they)

  • Difficulty sounding out “simple” words like bat, did, rob

  • Spelling often leaves out vowels & letters don’t match the sound of the word

  • May score well on weekly spelling tests, but not be able to read or spell those words after the test if over (especially if the student studied a lot)

  • Letter and number reversals (after 1st grade)

  • Reading comprehension is difficult, inaccurate or absent

  • Confused about left & right - often will use clues to help them figure out (like a ring on the right hand)

  • Difficulty tying shoes despite being shown how (Pre-K through 4th grade)

  • Family history of reading problems and/or dyslexia

I think my child has dyslexia.

If you suspect you or your child have dyslexia, the best course of action is to talk with a dyslexia specialist such as Julie.  Julie can provide an informal dyslexia evaluation and needed specialized instruction to help you or your child.  If you are a parent, Julie can provide recommendations for support at school. 

You are not in this alone - Julie can help!

Can my child’s school help?

School can be a wonderful place, however, most teachers have not been taught how to recognize dyslexia and teach to the style dyslexics respond to.  Julie is experienced in providing Orton-Gillingham (OG) based instruction, specifically designed for dyslexic readers.  Julie can also support parents with recommendations for supports at school.  Most schools and teachers are very willing to provide such supports as extra time on tests, audio resources to supplement written literature, modified spelling tests and more while your student receives private tutoring.  However, these supports are not a replacement for tutoring.  Specific dyslexia tutoring will address the way your child’s brain works and will help them blend sounds, read, and have better comprehension. 


Susan Barton, author of the Barton Spelling and Reading Program, has compiled a comprehensive list of accommodations for students. Click here to learn more.

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