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Dyslexia Tutoring

Philosophy & Approach

As the parent of a child who struggled to blend sounds, read, write and spell, I wholeheartedly understand the impact dyslexia has on a child, his/her self-esteem and how it affects the parents.  My approach is to use the science behind dyslexia and provide instruction that is proven to work for dyslexic students.  Numerous researchers have concluded that systematic, multi-sensory phonics-based approach works for developing the language process centers in the dyslexic’s brain.  Beyond the science, I treat each student with compassion, understanding, a true admiration of their hard work and the utmost respect.  Plus, we also have fun and laugh!

Experienced & Understanding

Research-based Tutoring

Patient & Compassionate

Fun & Engaging


Empathetic, Knowledgeable, and Helpful

I have struggled a lot with my dyslexia. Julie was able to be calm and patient with me and she was able to understand my struggles. She also had true empathy for my challenges, as her daughter has dyslexia as well. My meetings with her have all been very substantive and fun! She was able to develop plans and strategies I could implement to help work with my brain instead of against it. She even created a very helpful Google doc, that we update with every lesson so that I always have editable notes available to me. I love and appreciate Julie and I plan to continue to work with her for a long time! 😀

- David

Online dyslexia tutoring from (college level - tutoring for writing)

Friendly, great communication, and awesome with 7 year old

We are very happy with Julie. After the initial assessment sessions, she readily provided a lesson plan which included using materials we did not have at home. Julie mailed these out to us promptly to begin using on the next session. Julie is great at connecting with our child and making the sessions fun, ending with a story every time. We really like her lesson summaries to help us review what our daughter is working on and learning at each session. She has been a true professional during all our communications. We would recommend Julie to others.

- Nadia

Online dyslexia tutoring from (2nd Grade student)

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